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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Three Cheers!!

26th April, 2010: My inbox received an email from the chief editor of a Jewelry Magazine called “Jewelry Affaire”. Beth Livesay had written that she liked my jewelry pieces and would like to consider them for the next edition coming out in October.

24th Sept, 2010: My mailbox received a package with a magazine inside. It was the Autumn edition of Jewelry Affaire. Since I wasn’t expecting it to arrive so soon, my heart started to pound. I had to go and pick up Gaurav from his school, but I started to flip through the pages to find my jewelry articles. My face turned red when I didn’t find anything about me. So I went to pick up Gaurav with a swollen face. I remembered Beth saying in one of her emails that some selected pieces might not be featured in this issue and would be published in the next edition. As I was telling Gaurav about all this, he pointed towards a pair of earrings which looked familiar to him. OH GOD, yes yes yes. I was there, I was there. Soon enough we found out my other necklace also. I was elated and was jumping while driving the car. Many of you might say that, that wasn’t very safe, but I was having a rush of adrenaline all over. This is my biggest achievement so far in this profession.

Many thanks to Beth, to have the confidence in me and encouraging me to take part in this.

Jewelry Affaire is a jewelry magazine published by Stampington and Company. It is published only twice in an year and features many talented artists who also give easy steps on how to make their jewelry item yourself. Go, get your copy now and feel inspired.


  1. WOW congrats! I must say that you totally deserve to be featured. Way to go Naiya :)

  2. Thanks a lot Theresa.. This is my first dream come true :-)

  3. I still WANT your <3 earrings!

  4. Good for you ! I am stopping by your blog after a long time. Nicely done:)

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