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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Giveaway: 1000 Facebook Fans Celebration

NaiyaArtBoutique has been live for 9 months now. And today, after these successful 9 months, my database is 1000 fans strong. I have met some great people here. I have become so fond of these great people that every morning I enjoy my first tea with them while reading their daily updates. Some of these great people include Gail Ainley, Linda Briggs Sprague, Debra Ann Cerritelli, Eileen P. Cooper, Dorothy Byrd Landfear, Tammy Ward Haas, Frauke Avent, Ankita and Jeni Fernandez. I share my moments of joy, fun, laughter, sorrow, pain, achievements and jokes with each one of them. To thank all of these and all other 1000 fans, I am doing this giveaway. Without going any more gaga about my fans, lets just read the giveaway rules and regulations.


1) First winner gets giftcard worth $25 at NaiyaArtBoutique ETSY shop.
2) Second winner gets giftcard worth $15 at NaiyaArtBoutique ETSY shop.
3) Third winner gets giftcard worth $5 at NaiyaArtBoutique ETSY shop.

1) The giveaway is open from 14th Oct to 18th Oct midnight (EST).
2) You must be a fan at NaiyaArtBoutique facebook fanspage. This giveaway is open only to my fans :-)... Fair, right??
3) You must tell me which three things you like the most in my ETSY shop (that you think could make a perfect christmas present for ur loved ones). For this, you can leave a comment on my Blog below or in Discussions on facebook. Click here to go to Discussions.
4) You must heart those three favourite things in my ETSY Shop.

Each participant will be alloted a number and three winners would be announced on 19th Oct. Winners will be selected randomly using

Please share this with ur friends and family :-)


  1. These are my 3 picks from the contest.. I love your work, so Glad Sharky sent me the link.

    1.Sea Blue and Turquoise leaf beach necklace cum bracelet.
    2.Black Onyx and Silver Swarovski Long Dangling Earrings.
    3.Pink Pearl Pendant Silver Chain Necklace.
    I actually hearted a few more things than these 3 :)

    I have my own Etsy store, please drop by and take a look, I am fairly new and will be posting more items this week sometime, more knits and flower accessories.

  2. Congrats darling .... You are so special to me .. .. I am grateful to God that I met you ...
    These are my fav. picks i have hearted them and few more ..
    1.Opal, Blue Crystal, Silver tree Necklace
    2.Rose Pink Rhinestone Hoop Earrings
    3.Pearl Brooch Swarovski Necklace for Brides - Ivory

    :) Love you .. XOXO

  3. Commented, but it didn't show, so hope I'm not double posting!

    If I can only have three favorites (although I hearted more than that) they would be:
    1. White Freshwater Pearl Bridal Necklace
    2. Gold Metallic Brown Dangling Earrings
    3. Antique Gold Filligree Dangling Earrings

  4. Sangeetha DwarakapuramOctober 14, 2010 at 10:59 AM

    Congrats is really nice to see a friend I have known so long come this far in jewelry designing journey... Iss baar we will not leave you without a party :p

    Below are my favorite pieces of jewelry :
    1. Turquoise and sea blue leaf beach necklace cum bracelet - this is always special to me... Youknow why :)

    2. Garnet and silver rhinestone multi strand bracelet

    3. Emerald bronze crystal cluster earrings

  5. Love this! And your gorgeous! If I had to pick just three, these would be it:

    1. Hand Hammered Wire Heart Earrings (of course, but for me)
    2. Moonstone Gem Pendant Necklance - Circle of Life
    3. Antique Gold Filigree Dangling Earrings

  6. Wooohoo Naiya!!! Way to go.Happy 1000th Fan.Well the choice for Christmas gift is really a difficult one.Everything is so beautiful,but If I have to limit myself to 3 below are my choices.
    1.Red Green Ethnic Holiday Earrings
    2.Chandelier Bridal Pearl Crystal earrings
    3.Red Rhinestone Hoop Earrings

  7. Naiya - this is a great giveaway! Congratulations on 1000 Fans!

    Could I be lucky twice?! My three hearted faves are:
    1. Pearl Cluster Dangle Silver earrings White Brown
    2. Custom Pearl Rhinestone Bridal Bracelet
    3. Emerald Bronze Crystal Cluster Earrings (love this style)

  8. Hi Naiya - Congratulations on 1000 Fans!
    1.Opal, Blue Crystal, Silver tree Necklace
    2.Bridal Pearl Gold Flower earrings - Bride and Bridesmaids
    3.Sapphire Blue Crystal and SnowFlake Pendant Necklace - Extra long

  9. You are an amazinly talented lady Naiya and I'm glad ur my cybersis! Congrats on 1000 fans. Ok, hard to pick just 3 but here it goes:

    1. opal, blue crystal silver tree necklace
    2. filigree earrings in antique gold
    3. purple pearl vintage chandelier earrings.

  10. Here are the things i loved....and believe me there are pleeeeeeenty more..ur stuff is always so proffesional

    1. White Pearl Brooch Bridal Necklace set with Earrings.
    2. Swarovski Crystal Briolette Bridal Chandelier Earrings
    3. Golden Silver Two Tone Flowers Necklace Set and Earrings

  11. Thanks a lot for your over whelming response, my dearest friends!! so glad to know that all of you love and appreciate my work so much.. hugs to all :-)

  12. So very sorry I missed it....I hope you all had fun!! ~KM

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