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Sunday, April 11, 2010

It Feels Good!!!

Today, after 3 months of opening my shop, I am feeling great.. So here I list some of my achievements.
  1. Made 16 sales. Some of them were batch sales, like 6 bracelets of a kind or 7 necklaces of a kind. So, to make myself happier, I would say I have 16+ sales.
  2. Got 14 feedbacks and all of them were 100% positive. Yes, some of them were through my friends who bought from me but I PROMISE (or alteast hope) they were genuine. Or I can say, if they come back, it would be genuine.
  3. Got 125 Heart shops and 193 Item hearts. With this saying, I remember when I first got a heart. It was so special for me. Someone saw my work online and liked it. It was a great feeling.
  4. I have been featured in three Treasuries. I made quiet a few of my own treasuries also.
  5. My Google page relevance is 2/10 .. 10 being the best. But I happy for the fact that I am seen by google.
  6. I started my Facebook Fanspage. Today it counts 354 fans. I want to hit 1000 very soon and that too without spamming. (
  7. I made a twitter account though I am still clueless about what to do with it. I am sure I'll figure that out soon.. ( Yes, it has only single "A" .. Twitter had a word limit.
  8. Last but not the least, I started my shop dedicated blog :)