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Friday, March 26, 2010

GIVEAWAY: An appreciation to my followers

I am giving away this pair of earrings for free.. yes, FREE !! No shipping cost as well :) .. You just have to follow the rules below to become the part of the contest.

1) You must be a FAN on my Facebook Fanspage:
2) You must Share the original giveaway post on my fanspage (the first giveaway post, under this post) on your wall.. When the winner is selected, I'll check his/her wall for this post :).. If this post is not found, a...nother winnr will be selected.
3) You must be a follower on my blog:
4) Leave a comment on my Fanspage as well as Giveaway post on my blog that you visited this and want to be a part of this giveaway.
5) Be my follower on Twitter(This is not a necessary condition, I understand many of us still don't use tewitter):

6) You must be 18 years or older. Or you must get your parents' consent to participate.

7) This contest is open only from March 26th to March 31st (12:00 midnight, Eastern time)

8) I'll use to randomly select a winner.

9) I'll send the person a message on his/her facebook for the address details.

10) If I don't hear back for a week, I'll select another winner.

11) Your giveaway prize would be sent you via USPS mail and should arrive to u within 3 days..
yayyy... Have Fun

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Feedback PLEASE

How does the whole look of  this blog looks to you?? I have tried to give it a soothing look.. Like someone can take a deep breath looking at it :)
Does it look like that to you?? Give me your honest opinions ..Tell me what u like and what you don't like about it..

Thanks in advance

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Connecting the dots

If you have known me closely, then you must be wondering about the day when I had put a crazy picture on facebook, titled "My first handmade jewelry".. What you must not have known at that time is that I would take it so far. Believe me, neither did I.

So, valentines day was approaching and I was browsing craft sites for some inspiration to make a "Heart-Felt" card for Gaurav. is my favourite site for crafts. While I am doing something important, distractions keep coming my way. And they came this time also. I came across a video tutorial on "How to make a chunky pearl necklace". Immediately, my heart said, "lets go check it out". But my mind said "Finish up what you were doing and come to this later"

Next morning, I hit craft stores first thing in the morning. And yes, I came with full preperation. All 50% off coupons were stuffed inside my bag. After two long hours, I had my shopping basket one-third filled with beautiful beads, findings, tools and things alike. But my wise mind advised me to take it easy for this time. Afterall, it was my maiden experience with beading. So, I came out with just a few chunky pearls and ribbons.

After my first facebook post, my friend Archana(Prabhu) asked me to start selling on etsy. Today I think, she was too modest to ask me at that time. My first necklace was just a beaded piece, lacking style and clarity. I hadn't heard about ETSY before this and didn't even bother at that time. But, somethings are meant to happen. I met Sneha after a few days. We instantaneously made friends after chatting for 15 minutes for the first time in our lives. We had so much in common. This was a turning point of my life. She educated me about ETSY and encouraged me big time :)

So, finally, I want to give special thanks to the following people for changing my life for some good.
  • Martha Stewart(.com)
  • Archana Prabhu
  • Sneha
  • All my supporters who have encouraged me so much..
p.s. I couldn't look up for any card inspiration that day. Spent my whole night looking for more jewelry tutorials on the web. I bought Gaurav, a card from the store. But I hope to make up for it during our next valentines day :)