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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Unveiling my love affair!!

My love affair with pearls is many years old. The fascination started when I saw one of my aunt's daughter wear a lehanga (an Indian attire) embellished with only pearls, in a family wedding. She looked so sophisticated in that white dress from which strands and strands of pearls were hanging in semi - oval shape. Think I shouldn't say this, but to me she looked even more beautiful than the bride. Soon enough, I asked my mom to buy me a pearl set when I'll get married. My mom thought I had gone crazy, talking about my wedding at the age of 13-14.

Pearls are heavenly. They evoke purity, elegance and sophistication. When I think pearls, my mind says beautiful moonlit nights, quiet blue sea, releaving yoga class, relaxing sea salt and essential oil bath. Pearls give me peace.

Coco Chanel, perhaps the most influential designer of the twentieth century declared "A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls".

Pearls shoudn't be under-estimated (rather over-estimated) as just the formal and traditional jewelry. They have the power of going irresistably funky and informal. And by no means, they should be considered the domian of high-income society only. With the increasing production of imitation pearls, which are very affordable, anyone can easily satisy their taste buds for this iridecsent stone. 

I intend to do a series about pearls, but for now, lets just understand what a pearl is!!

According to "The Pearl Book - The Definitive Buying Guide", a Pearl is an organic gem, that is, a gem that comes from a living thing. Coral and Amber are two other organic gems. Pearls are produced by several species of saltwater and freshwater molluscs including oysters, clams, mussels, snails, squid, octupus and many other shellfish. When a tiny intruder finds its way into a mollusc's shell, it begins to produce something to soothe the iritation the intruder causes; this soothing secretion is a brownish substance called conchiolin (kon-KY-oh-lin, "ky" as in sky), over which another substance is secreted, usually a whitish substance, called nacre (NAY-ker). The conchiolin binds the nacre together to form the pearl.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Giveaway: 1000 Facebook Fans Celebration

NaiyaArtBoutique has been live for 9 months now. And today, after these successful 9 months, my database is 1000 fans strong. I have met some great people here. I have become so fond of these great people that every morning I enjoy my first tea with them while reading their daily updates. Some of these great people include Gail Ainley, Linda Briggs Sprague, Debra Ann Cerritelli, Eileen P. Cooper, Dorothy Byrd Landfear, Tammy Ward Haas, Frauke Avent, Ankita and Jeni Fernandez. I share my moments of joy, fun, laughter, sorrow, pain, achievements and jokes with each one of them. To thank all of these and all other 1000 fans, I am doing this giveaway. Without going any more gaga about my fans, lets just read the giveaway rules and regulations.


1) First winner gets giftcard worth $25 at NaiyaArtBoutique ETSY shop.
2) Second winner gets giftcard worth $15 at NaiyaArtBoutique ETSY shop.
3) Third winner gets giftcard worth $5 at NaiyaArtBoutique ETSY shop.

1) The giveaway is open from 14th Oct to 18th Oct midnight (EST).
2) You must be a fan at NaiyaArtBoutique facebook fanspage. This giveaway is open only to my fans :-)... Fair, right??
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Each participant will be alloted a number and three winners would be announced on 19th Oct. Winners will be selected randomly using

Please share this with ur friends and family :-)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Three Cheers!!

26th April, 2010: My inbox received an email from the chief editor of a Jewelry Magazine called “Jewelry Affaire”. Beth Livesay had written that she liked my jewelry pieces and would like to consider them for the next edition coming out in October.

24th Sept, 2010: My mailbox received a package with a magazine inside. It was the Autumn edition of Jewelry Affaire. Since I wasn’t expecting it to arrive so soon, my heart started to pound. I had to go and pick up Gaurav from his school, but I started to flip through the pages to find my jewelry articles. My face turned red when I didn’t find anything about me. So I went to pick up Gaurav with a swollen face. I remembered Beth saying in one of her emails that some selected pieces might not be featured in this issue and would be published in the next edition. As I was telling Gaurav about all this, he pointed towards a pair of earrings which looked familiar to him. OH GOD, yes yes yes. I was there, I was there. Soon enough we found out my other necklace also. I was elated and was jumping while driving the car. Many of you might say that, that wasn’t very safe, but I was having a rush of adrenaline all over. This is my biggest achievement so far in this profession.

Many thanks to Beth, to have the confidence in me and encouraging me to take part in this.

Jewelry Affaire is a jewelry magazine published by Stampington and Company. It is published only twice in an year and features many talented artists who also give easy steps on how to make their jewelry item yourself. Go, get your copy now and feel inspired.