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Friday, September 10, 2010

All that glitters is Goldstone?? May be!!

I have always been fond of things which have slight glitter in them. So there is no wonder why I like this beautiful stone called ‘GoldStone’ so much. Their glittery glow that comes from within, makes them look so gorgeous without being gaudy. The stone almost looks like a clear star studded night.

Goldstone is often mistaken as a natural gemstone. It is, rather, a glass with copper flecks in it. Goldstone was created accidentally in the European Renaissance period, when alchemists were trying to create gold.

Goldstone was originally made by monks in Italy, and due to this association with monastery, it is often used in religious jewelry.

For making Goldstone, copper salts are added to brown colored liquid glass in low oxygen atmosphere. As the glass cools, salts turn into copper crystals.

It is abundantly available in reddish goldstone and dark blue goldstone, but there is a relatively less available green goldstone as well.

Goldstone is said to promote calmness and stability.
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